Mark Cieslikowski has lived in the Coachella Valley since 1959 and is well-acquainted with the hidden locations and variations of light and textures the desert affords his creative eye.

Mark began his fine art photography in the desert in the mid 1970’s; building his collection throughout the years in all seasons and conditions. Many of his photographs currently on exhibit capture the pristine beauty of the Coachella Valley. His photographic subjects range from the majestic San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains and luminous desert skies to close up and abstract images of the unique plants native to the valley.

Utilizing high resolution digital and film cameras, coupled with archival printing methods, Mark is able to translate his distinctive vision into completed works of art. His final images are created by using a combination of pigmented inks and archival papers. In addition, each image has a protective coating helping to insure a long lasting piece of artwork.

Please enjoy Mark’s distinctive vision and interpretations of the Coachella Valley and other Southwest locations. At this exhibition, you will also become acquainted with photographs Mark has taken in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Grand Canyon.

If you find yourself in need of almost any commercial/personal photographic work, call upon Mark, who can provide the photographic services you require. For more than 20 years Mark has worked on local and national photography. He has engaged in numerous assignments for significant local and national companies, events and individuals. However, don't let his impressive resume deter you from giving him a call. I think that you will find him very reasonable in his approach and understanding of your photographic needs, regardless of the scale of the assignment. Every assignment, large or small, requires special attention and creativity, and Mark's clients hold his professonalism in high regard.